Under water where thoughts can breathe easily...

Like almost everybody I know in the world of underwater photography, as a little boy I was desperately in love with Captain Cousteau and his crew. They sailed out to sea to find something yet unknown every day. When they were hungry, they catched themselves a few lobsters and paired them with enormous amounts of French wine, sitting at a long table alltogether - what a life!

Inspired by this I became a photographer, travelling the world and the seven seas in search of unique images, great food and good companion. My big love still is the world under water. My other passion is fashion photography, and so I combined the two things to create images full of this beauty and easiness that I find when I dive down under the surface of the water.

I am very proud to find my images in campaigns of brands like L´Oréal or magazines like Playboy, GQ or Stern.

My images of marine life have been published by international magazines as unterwasser, Silent World, Atlantis, Dykking, Asian Diver and others.